Where to go on holiday with your dog – ways to holiday with your pet

by Daniel

The arrival of a dog changes everything. This includes the way you think about your holiday. If you want to go away without your pet, it will be necessary to arrange for them to be looked after while you are away. An alternative is to take your dog with you on holiday. Your pet will accompany you on your holiday. You will spend more time together and perhaps have unforgettable adventures together. More and more people are choosing to holiday with their dog. We will show you how and where to holiday with your pet. Maybe you will take your pet with you this year too?

Is it always worth taking your dog on holiday with you

Whether your dog will be on holiday with you or separately, the most important thing is that you take care of it first and foremost. This will look slightly different for everyone. Someone will leave their pet with their family for a week, where a timid dog will feel overwhelmed by the amount of stimuli in a shady house with a garden. Someone else will take their dog with them for the whole trip. Still another person will opt for professional petsitter care. Every situation is different and we want to show you the options first and foremost.

A holiday with your dog can be a fantastic adventure, a time when your bond will deepen, but remember – the way you spend your holiday does not make you a better or worse carer. It’s meant to be fun, not a guilt-induced compulsion. You may want to fly on an exotic holiday, go trekking alone, or just be alone for a few days. This is not a bad thing!

A trip with your dog is meant to be a time of relaxation. Yes, as always, you need to take care of your pet’s meals, walks, or your four-legged friend’s rest, but remember that you should associate taking your dog with you with pleasure. We want to show you that a trip with your dog can broaden your horizons and show you travelling from a different perspective. Plan your holidays in such a way that caring for your pet is as easy as possible, and you will see that this time next year, the decision to take your pet on holiday will almost be a matter of course. Going away together can (and should) be fun for everyone!

Which holiday destinations will be best for your pet

We associate the summer holidays above all with warm, sometimes even hot weather. Many of us look forward to high temperatures with longing, but our dogs usually suffer terribly in hot weather. Even if you want to bask on a sun lounger for a large part of the day during your holiday, when choosing your destination, consider whether there will also be a quiet, cooler place for your pet to rest.

More and more search engines allow you to filter holiday destinations for pet-friendliness. Before booking a place, however, try to call and ask what the issue of staying with pets is. Each hotel, guesthouse, flat or farm has its own rules for hosting pets. In some places, pets are welcome regardless of size or breed, while others theoretically welcome pets with open arms, but upon verification, this turns out to mean only small dogs. Some places accept four-legged guests at no extra charge, others charge less or less. To avoid being surprised, it is better to check how your pet will be accommodated.

The most dog-friendly places are known for special amenities – in some flats you may even find bowls, spare poop bags or toys for your pet. More and more places are also emphasizing the importance of security – a high fence around the holiday home is especially important if your pet is a master of escape.

You’ll find recommendations for the best destinations, recommended hotels and flats on numerous blogs run by dog-lovers It’s a real source of inspiration. One of our proposals is the Stacja Kolczela, where holidays with a dog are very welcome without any extra charge.

You will find that travelling with your dog is not only possible, but also relatively easy. Although a new way of travelling may be slightly stressful at first, it will only get easier with time.

How to prepare for a holiday with your dog

The most important thing is always safety. Therefore, to avoid tense situations during a trip, practice basic obedience with your pet. Running your pet off into the distance in a strange place can end tragically. It is equally important to socialise and familiarise your dog with new stimuli. The more open your pet is to new things, the easier it will be for him to relax during the trip.

If you choose to travel by car or plane, be sure to provide a sturdy carrier. If you choose the train, just make sure your pet is on a leash and muzzled – most carriers require this. Remember to NEVER leave your dog alone in a hot car!

Some dogs do not tolerate travel very well – you can find calming preparations in our shop to help your pet endure the journey better.

If you are travelling abroad, you will need to get your pet a dog passport. Some vets are authorised to issue this. Be sure to check the pet regulations of the country you intend to visit. At the very least, you will need to ensure that your pet is microchipped and that its vaccinations are valid.

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