Photo: Wikimedia Commons.Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Sweden becomes playable Minecraft world

Publicerad: 10 November 2015, kl. 11:55

Soon you’ll have the chance to rebuild Sweden brick by brick.

Adam Jönsson

The Swedish Lantmäteriet authority, which, among other things, provides information about Sweden’s geography, will launch a playable world for the popular computer game Minecraft, Swedish Public Television (SVT) reports.

Lantmäteriet’s Sweden-based Minecraft model will be available from mid-December.

‘‘We thought it would be fun if kids get the chance to try this during their Christmas vacation,’’ Peter Nyhlén, head of Lantmäteriet’s division for geographical information and providing of maps, tells SVT.

The Minecraft launch is a step in the authority’s bid to get younger people interested in Lantmäteriet’s effort to make the geographical information publicly available.

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