Hyper Island and Transdev arranged Society Hack with more than 260 students from 22 countries to improve the public transportation in Sweden.Photo: Press Society Hack

These Stockholm design students got 72 hours to fix public transportation

Publicerad: 08 October 2015, kl. 8:30

Two-hundred and sixty one students from the Swedish design school Hyper Island spent 72 hours locked up in the school's facilities last week, generating creative ideas on how to innovate and develop public transportation in a sustainable manner in expanding cities.

Erika Granath

The students, from 22 countries, participated in Hyper Islands’ first ever hack with a societal focus.

The project called Society Hack was initiated by Stockholm-based Hyper Island in collaboration with transportation company Transdev Sweden and aimed to generate ideas for how public transportation can become people’s first choice in the future.

‘‘We are very satisfied with the result. We got several good ideas and a lot of inspiration in what direction we need to develop in order to increase the attractiveness of public transportation,” Eva Tiséus, director of marketing and communication at Transdev, says.

During the Society Hack Hyper Island and Transdev invited decision-makers and civil servants from Swedish parliament, counties and municipalities to take part of the Society Hack’s result and to later have a round table discussion about the future of public transportation. The Swedish minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mehmet Kaplan, was one of the attending guests.

Society Hack by Hyper Island and Transdev

Sociaty Hack Logo

Johan Eriksson, program manager at Hyper Island, was also pleased with the Society Hack’s result:

‘‘This is exactly how we want these collaborations to work, by bringing in real companies with real challenges, in this case the future of public transport, the student get to put their creative minds to work and bring about new digital ideas to those challenges. It’s a classic win-win scenario, Transdev walked away with a lot of new ideas and the students gained a lot of learning in this intense process,” he says.

At the end of the Society Hack, three teams were chosen as winners. One team presented an idea about new business models and financing of transportation, one about congestion on-board vehicles and one idea was about individual mobility and the ability to find customized transportation solutions

“Hopefully we will be able to contribute to new solutions that passengers can benefit from, and not only in Sweden, since we belong to an international group we can use it in more countries,” Tiséus says.

One reason Johan Eriksson mentions to why Society Hack was about finding possible improvements for the public transportation system is that a malfunctioning public transportation system slows down all sectors of a society.

‘‘From the students perspective its been a great opportunity to head on take on challenges that effects them and the digital industry that they will work for in the future,” Eriksson says.

The ideas from the Society Hack has been worked out in detail more information will be posted on the Society Hack website. The goal is to realize one or several of the ideas, starting 2016.

Society Hack by Hyper Island and Transdev

Photo: Society Hack

About Hyper Island
Hyper Island is creative business school located in Stockholm, Sweden, that offers vocational university programs and crash courses with a focus on change, leadership and possibilities in the digital society.

About Transdev
Transdev operates passenger transports on behalf of regional public transportation agencies, municipalities and countries throughout Sweden. Transdev also operates its own commercial bus and train traffic.

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