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New Snapchat campaign aims to scare you good

Publicerad: 26 May 2016, kl. 8:32

Swedish social media agency Wicked Society has together with Warner Bros. Sweden created a new Snapchat campaign for the launch of the horror movie Conjuring 2, which aims to play with the virtual world and create strong emotions around the flick.

Adam Jönsson

‘‘A movie with supernatural items that pops up and disappears belongs on a platform with disappearing material and a ghost as its logo,’’ says Jonathan Liedman at Wicked Society in a statement provided to Smashdig via email

The movie has a June 10 release date in Sweden. But by using so-called influencers on Instagram and on Snapchat, the bureau hopes the campaign, released Thursday, will create a buzz about the movie while at the same time reaching its target audience—girls in the 15–25 demographic.

‘‘It’s a platform where it’s possible to do creative and different [projects],’’ says Mattias Lundin, head of marketing at Twentieth Century Fox Sweden.

The campaign starts on Instagram where a couple of Swedish influencers are posting what seems to be a normal video. After a while, the clips are hit with disturbances and strange shapes are appearing in the background. The influencer then disappears and the viewer is prompted to follow a certain account on Snapchat to see the rest of the story.

On Snapchat, Wicked Society has created time-limited Snaps that plays with the theme of the movie, according to a press release.

‘‘We wanted to create an experience that is unique to Snapchat and that’s not possible to recreate on any other platform,’’ says Ella Jansson, project manager at Wicked Society.

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