How an 82-year-old went viral while discovering the InternetKerstin Wolgers. Photo: Mynewsdesk/Press

How an 82-year-old went viral while discovering the Internet

Publicerad: 06 November 2015, kl. 10:38

She’s lived a life full of experiences, but at the age of 82, Kerstin Wolgers discovered yet another world – the Internet.

Adam Jönsson

The actor – who has since turned 83 – was this March a part of Mynewsdesk’s campaign Mynewsdesk Now, which aimed to show people around the world the digital divide between different age groups. Over a million Swedes are not on the Internet, according to the company.

Mynewsdesk’s campaign became a viral success and was covered in trade publication and major news outlets across the world. At the annual event Mynewsday in Malmö on Nov. 2, the company’s head of marketing in the Nordic countries, Sofia Juhlin, talked about what made the campaign successful.

‘‘We were a team that dared to pull on the right threads,’’ Juhlin says. ‘‘Sometimes you just have to go for it.’’

Wolgers had five days to discover different parts of the Internet. Mynewsdesk put a smartphone camera on Wolgers’ chest, which live-streamed her discoveries straight to the campaign web site.

The 82-year-old got to, among other things, Google herself, try online dating via Tinder and become a successful soldier by playing Battlefield.

On the fifth and last day of the campaign, Wolgers did a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything). The headline read: ‘‘I’m an 82-year old lady who has never been online before, until this week. AMA! (Featuring sidekick Berthel, Sweden’s most digital senior.)’’

Wolgers got to answer questions on a wide array of topics from Reddit users all over the world.

While one of the purposes of the campaign was to show the digital divide in Sweden and across the world, Mynewsdesk, being a company that needs clients to survive, aimed to deliver a business value as well, Juhlin says.

The company wanted to show its clients one way of creating content in a day and age where marketing departments are told to always do more, Juhlin says.

Every step of Wolgers’ Internet discovery was followed by a press release showing her progress as well as content dealing with the overarching digital divide topic.

‘‘We wanted it to be an educational campaign. Today, you need to be more creative and innovative to reach the right target audience,’’ Juhlin says.

Photo: Screenshot/YouTube
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