Carl-Arvid Ewerbring. Photo: Press

He’s bringing virtual reality experiences to a wider audience

Publicerad: 04 February 2016, kl. 15:48

Carl-Arvid Ewerbring is regarded as one of the world’s most talented people in game development – a fact he isn’t taking too seriously.

Tobias Karlsson

This week he was chosen by Veckans affärer as a Swedish super talent, on top of the list of young innovators. A month ago he was one of five Swedes on Forbes 30 Under 30 list of world talents. Game developer Carl-Arvid Ewerbring doesn’t seem to take these things too seriously. But he does have an idea of why his name was brought up for the Forbes list.

“I don’t really know why I was chosen for the list, but I do know that it was a venture capitalist who nominated me,” he says.

Ended up working with VR by chance
Ewerbring is one of the co-founders of Resolution Games, a company solely focused on virtual reality experiences. Behind the company are also Tommy Palm and Martin Vilcans, a pair with many years of experience in game development.

For Ewerbring the journey started around the time he began creating games back in 2013. He decided to contact Tommy Palm, who previously held lectures Ewerbring had been attending. Some time thereafter, Ewerbring was part of a team heading full speed into VR game development.

“Tommy and Martin made a conscious decision to work with VR technology. For me it was actually more of a fluke that I ended up doing it,” says Ewerbring.

Aims to reach a wide target group
Tommy Palm is otherwise known as one of the creators of huge mobile gaming hit Candy Crush Saga. After Palm quit his job at King, he decided VR technology was the way forward. In 2015 Resolution Games was backed by Google Ventures and other investment companies, receiving an investment of SEK 50 million.

So far Resolution Games has released a card game called Solitaire Jester, with another title to be expected in 2016. According to Ewerbring the company is deliberately working on peaceful gaming experiences.

“We’re working on games that can reach a wide target group. That means we have a completely different market potential compared to most other game developers working with VR,” he says.

The future is not set
Reports predicting the future of VR games and VR technology in general are very positive at the moment. But as for the future of Resolution Games, Ewerbring says it’s very difficult to predict. In three years time, he expects the company to either have grown very big, or simply not exist anymore.

“There are few companies out there with VR experience. That might make us interesting [for bigger companies] to buy, but I really don’t know what will happen. It depends on how the industry develops,” he says.

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