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BLOG: 1 Snapchat follower=20 Instagram followers?

Publicerad: 16 May 2016, kl. 9:31

By Jonathan Liedman at social media agency Wicked Society.

Adam Jönsson

Wicked! So Instagram recently released view count for videos. This has finally enabled us at Wicked Society to compare the engagement rate between Instagram and Snapchat for brands – how many of your followers actually watch your content?

Wicked Society’s Key findings:

  • More than 4x higher engagement rate on Snapchat
  • Number of followers is irrelevant when estimating reach 
  • A brand can have the same reach with 100 000 followers on Snapchat as with 2 million on Instagram

Instagram has revealed that they will roll out some new cool features for video. According to the company’s blog post, the amount of time people spend watching videos on Instagram has jumped up 40 percent. “We are seeing wildly creative and engaging first-person narratives come to life on Instagram.” Up first is view count for videos that might encourage users to share more video content when knowing how many actually sees it. Instagram benefits from it by increasing video content on the platform which makes the users accustomed to seeing it in their feed. This in turn opens up for a video-hungry audience that will be more open to consume video ads. Snapchat on the other hand is already displaying your unique views for every Snap being posted in your Story.

What counts as a view?
On Instagram a view is defined as a video being played for at least 3 seconds, identical to Facebooks approach. On Snapchat a unique view is generated the first time a user actively starts watching a Snap.

Why Snapchat is often overlooked 
For a long time Wicked Society has been pushing the power of a view on Snapchat. Because you have not been able to see how many actually watches your content on Instagram, the unique number of views on Snapchat is far to often being compared to the number of followers on Instagram when estimating reach. We have always emphasized the importance of focusing on the engagement rate among the followers so we love Instagrams strategic move of releasing view count. Often brands and influencers Snapchat accounts are being overlooked when doing a marketing campaign due to not having nearly as many unique views for their snaps as they have followers on Instagram. Instagram accounts – both brands and influencers – may have many followers but how many actually sees your content? Now we know for video which allows us to investigate the engagement rate between the number of followers and how many actually watches your video content on Snapchat and Instagram. Here are Wicked Society’s findings.

100 per cent more activity on Snapchat 
We found that engagement is higher on Snapchat than on Instagram. A lot higher! By using our partner Snaplytic’s marketing platform for Snapchat we compared the highest view count on a video on Snapchat versus that on Instagram for the last two months. We analyzed 21 brands of all sizes (national brands to Fortune 500 companies) from industries such as retail, lifestyle, automotive and sports. The goal was for Wicked Society to determine the engagement rate – how many percent of your followers who actually watch your content. We compared the brands highest view count on an Instagram video for the last two month to the number of followers. We did the same on Snapchat by comparing the highest view count on a snap to the number of followers. We found that the average engagement rate for the brands most watched videos on Instagram was 27 per cent compared to an average engagement rate of 61per cent on Snapchat.

This post was originally published on Wicked Society’s own blog where you can read the rest of this post.

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