Beatrice Carpvik, Brand Manager at the tech company Consid.Photo: Consid

Beatrice Carpvik brand manager at Consid

Publicerad: 05 October 2015, kl. 16:15

A brave and caring company, high ambitions and a strong love for her work, those are the keys to Beatrice Carpvik’s success as brand manager at the IT and management consultancy Consid.

Erika Granath

During her about one a and half years at Consid, Beatrice Carpvik has been involved with several renowned campaigns. The latest one she worked with was a campaign where the company offered whoever started working at Consid a holiday trip with their whole family as a start of their employment.

Beatrice Carpvik explains that Consid always is on the lookout for new employees: “There’s a lack of well educated and skilled developers out there. Our goal is to assure qualified candidates that Consid is a safe, fun and caring company with good values.”

Beatrice Carpvik describes herself as a person who loves to work but also sees the value of having time off to spend with her family. She says that a healthy balance between work and spare time is one thing that gives her inspiration, well needed as she says that her job is one where she has to be creative all the time – every day.

“I get inspiration from creative co-workers and the encouraging environment there is at Consid. The company has allowed me to grow a lot in a short time. I feel that they trust me and I’ve learned a lot from getting major responsibilities at a young age.” Beatrice Carpvik says.

She’s a recent graduate from Jönköping International Business School where she studied Marketing Management.

Today she works with both external and internal communication and marketing for Consid, her tasks include creating content for social media and coming up with new brave campaigns which can help Consid stand out.

“No campaign is too big for Consid, we dare to be a bit bananas.”

Beatrice Carpvik says her goal within the next couple of years is to continue to grow together with Consid. Her motivation is simple: she wants to show herself and people around her that she has what it takes to manage what appears to be difficult to manage.

3 tips – Succeed with your digital campaign

Dare to be bold. To succeed with your campaign, no matter if it’s a digital campaign or not, you have to be bold and find a way to stick your neck out. The competition out there is massive, to be heard something ordinary just isn’t enough. The more your campaign differs from everyone else’s the more potential it has to be noted and spread by the right audience. That’s my belief and experience.

Share and engage. If you want your digital campaign to be spread in social media you have to create commitment. The more you share the campaign in your own channels the more it gets viewed. Try to get your colleagues and others as well to spread your campaign – that way it’s very likely that it gets spread a lot.

Don’t forget the visual. Everyone communicates, the way your massage looks is far more important than you might think. To form your digital campaign in a visually nice and appealing way is a great way to distinguish your campaign. Follow the visual guidelines of your company and strive to make the result suit as many as possible.

About Beatrice Carpvik

Instagram: @beatricecarpvik
Age: Older than 20, younger than 30
Lives: Jönköping, Sweden
From: Jönköping, Sweden
Hidden talent: I’m a singing bird. I love to take some high notes in the shower or on stage.
Media I consume on an everyday basis: I’m always online at several social media platforms. I flow the papers I’m interested in on Facebook, that gives me a good overview of what they are currently writing about. I tend to scroll all the tech trade-publications websites every morning. All in all I’m a pretty wired person.
3 favorite apps: Instagram (addicted) Podcaster (the best way to relax, also works as a terrific work out buddy) (I’m a professional bargain shopper)
Best music right now: I listen to more podcasts than music. I love Fredagspodden, Alex & Sigges Podcast or Träningspodden. I also listen to the radio station Rix FM or to some of my playlists on Spotify.

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